The best Google Stadia cloud gaming alternatives available today

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The best Google Stadia cloud gaming alternatives available today

Google Stadia may prove to be a rising tide that lifts all boats, a universally enjoyed boon to streaming services everywhere. But while its lumbering figure wading onto the scene has already done quite a bit for validating cloud gaming, it won’t be available to all until 2020. Not to worry, Google’s arrival on the scene has not deterred its numerous rivals. If anything Google’s fiscal might has spurred many of these competing services out into the open to fight for your attention.

Where can you find these services? We’ve detailed many of them below for your viewing and streaming pleasure. From the server-based cloud gaming services to free-to-use home PC hosting solutions that allow you to access your personal game library anywhere, we think you’ll find something to satisfy your gaming taste buds.

And your PC hardware still has some good years in it yet, despite the rise of cloud servers kitted to the gills with graphics tech. As proven by many of the Google Stadia alternatives we’ll outline today that still rely on your home PC for their computational power.

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