Monster Hunter World Iceborne Guiding Lands Guide

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The first part of Iceborne’s endgame plops Hunters into a large multi-environment landmass to hunt to their heart’s content. With this freedom, Hunters may be overwhelmed or simply unsure what they should be doing. I’ll explain everything one should know about the Guiding Lands.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Guiding Lands Guide

So what is the Guiding Lands? Simply put, the Guiding Lands is a large environment that is made of an Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Coral Highlands, and Rotten Vale region compacted together in an expedition styled outing. Players will hunt large monsters in this area for the first part of Iceborne’s endgame. The second part is for decoration hunting in case you are unaware.

What Is My Goal in the Guiding Lands?

Your goal is to hunt monsters to obtain special materials only found in the Guiding Lands. Each monster will have normal and tempered rewards. These rewards are used to create Pendants, augment your armor and weapons.

Whats with these Regions Levels?

Each Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Coral Highlands, and Rotten Vale regions start at level 1 and can max out at 7. These levels will fluctuate depending on the monsters that players hunt. Levels are limited at 4 but can be raised to 5, 6 and 7 once players hit Master Rank 49, 69 and 99 respectively and completing the corresponding quest.

At MR 49: Sleep Now in the Fire
At MR 69: Big Burly Bash
At MR 99: To the Very Ends with You

What’s the Deal with the Funky Mining and Bonespots?

They are new mining and bone nodes that you can collect new ore and bones from. They are used in Pendants, and they provide a slight boost in the Region Level. The more you gather from them, the better the items you acquire. In Search of Rare Materials trophy will unlock once you gather from the giant mine and bonepiles. Players will get a prompt that states a giant node has appeared; gathering from this node yields 1 rare material.

Eww, What’s This Puke-like Object?

Those are Signs of a Turf War and collecting them will give you Special Track. You must fill the entire bar in order to unlock a lure of the corresponding monster the track belongs to. For example, if you got a Flying Wyvern special track, upon completing you may get a monster lure of these monsters:

Pink Rathian
Azure Rathalos
Nightshade Paolumu

Players can use these lures to have that monster spawn in the Guiding Lands. We’ll discuss this more later but save them.

Special Tracks can be obtained simply by hunting monsters in case you don’t find any Signs of a Turf War. In order to analyze the special tracks, hunters must:

Slay or capture large monsters
Destroy large monster parts in the Guiding Lands. Break the parts of a monster of the same species too quickly progress.

How Do I Find Tempered Monsters?

You must level up the region to the following:

Tempered Threat 1 Monsters will start to spawn at Level 4
Elder Dragons will begin to spawn along with other Tempered Threat 1 Monsters at Level 5
Tempered Threat 2 Monsters will spawn at Level 6
Tempered Elder Dragons will spawn once a Region is Level 7

In addition, certain Regions will spawn new monsters as their Level is raised.

Forest Region

Yian Garuga: Increase the Forest Region level to 3 and complete the Assigned Quest Return of the Crazy One.
Scarred Yian Garuga: Increase the Forest Region to Level 6.

Rotten Vale Region

Brute Tigrex: Increase Rotted Region to Level 6.

Wildspire Waste

Gold Rathian: Increase Wildspire Region to Level 6.
Lunastra: Increase Wildspire Region to Level 6.

Coral Highlands

Silver Rathalos – Increase Coral Region to Level 6.

So, Should I Just Hunt Everything I See?

Well, you could, but that isn’t efficient. Instead what you should do is focus on 1 particular Guiding Lands region, max it out, and then move on to another. The region you start can be up to you. I suggest you pick one that highly benefits you in the long term. Examples include:

Maxing Coral Highlands due to Silver Rathalos Set for Bow Mains, Tempered Namielle for Health Augment for Rarity 12 weapons
Longsword mains should max out Wasteland to fight Gold Rathian to create the best DPS Longsword.

Players don’t have to max out each region as doing so grants them that Region’s Guiding Star Pendant. However, if you use off-meta sets, fighting each monster to obtain their materials for a rainy day may prove useful. Guiding Lands is your best source of Master Rank experience so don’t be neglectful.

Efficient Guiding Lands Monster Farming

There are certain monsters that once defeated/capture rewards players with more Guiding Lands experience than others so to save time, it be best to focus on these monsters and their tempered versions. Remember to collect their tracks, break their parts, and use traps often as all this will help level up your Region.

Ancient Forest

Great Jagras
Azure Rathalos
Kushala Daora
Yian Garuga

Coral Highlands

Silver Rathalos

Rotten Vale

Great Girros
Acidic Glavenus
Blackviel Vaal Hazak
Brute Tigrex

Wildspire Waste

Black Diablos
Gold Rathian

The Monster I Need To Hunt Isn’t Here

Simply head to another area like Elder’s Recess, bring up your map and check the monsters in the Guiding Land. Repeat this until the monster you need appears. Use this time to capture Endemic Life, Pawswap, or take Lynian pictures. You can also use Lures to summon the particular monster you need out or join a friend or fellow hunter Guiding Land Region if they have the monster you need.

Rock a Geologist Jewel

Slotting in 1 Geologist Jewel will help Hunters gather more materials from Monsters. The skill affects the white shiny drops that can be obtained by flinch shooting a monster into a wall, DPS-ing a Monster, and during normal combat.

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