Minecraft: Dungeons – all the latest details on the upcoming Minecraft RPG

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Minecraft: Dungeons – all the latest details on the upcoming Minecraft RPG

Long before Minecraft: Dungeons was revealed , Mojang has been content to rest on its humble laurels as the developer of a pop culture phenomenon. To date, Minecraft has sold over 175 million copies, is available on every platform imaginable, and boasts a veritable merchandise empire. Not since Pokemon has a video game IP so thoroughly permeated mainstream consciousness. It wouldn’t be until 2017 and the skyrocketing Fortnite player count that this feat would be matched.

What’s more remarkable is that, for the last decade, Mojang has risen to the heights of video game fame on the back of a single title. Minecraft has been more than enough to sustain a staggering amount of success, even without the help of sequels or spinoffs. True, there was the Minecraft: Story Mode adventure game, but that wasn’t developed by Mojang, and we all know about the grim fate of Telltale Games.

All this is to say that, given Mojang’s penchant for status quo, last year’s announcement of Minecraft: Dungeons came as quite the surprise. At Minecon 2018, Mojang teased a new dungeon crawling action-RPG game set in their recognisable universe with a Minecraft: Dungeons trailer. Since then we haven’t heard much about the game – until now, that is. Recently, Mojang executive producer David Nisshagen sat down for an interview with Game Informer and spilled the beans on a few new details about the elusive Minecraft: Dungeons. Here’s what we know so far.

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