Is the Crossrope Jump Rope Worth 100 Bucks?

crossrope jump rope review
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Okay, guys. So I got the crossrope jump rope right here, as you could see, here’s the packaging. It comes in a box, but I took the box already, and it comes in this little bag. So it comes with the half-pound rope, which is the white one you’re about to see right here. And it comes with, I think it’s 1/4th rope.

I’ve used it for a couple of days now. This is a lighter rope of the green one right here. And this (white color) is the heavier rope right here that gets you tired and more of a workout. And then it comes with comfortable handles, of course, which has the clip-on mechanism.

See, you just clip on the rope that you want to put on. You can either put the heavier rope or you can put the lighter rope. It’s really easy, and they’re really, really comfortable. And they have bearings in the middle, so they can just, like, spin forever like that which makes it a lot better than a normal jump rope. It has some end clips that connect the rope part to the handles, it’s just really easy. You just clip it on like that and to take it off.

You just click these two sides here and it comes right off. So it’s really easy and it’s pretty nice. So this is already accustomed to my height. Um, after many days of using it, I use it on concrete. So the color of the green is kind of chipping off, but I really don’t mind as long as the rope. It’s still rope and still works the way it’s supposed to. Then we’re all good. But if it’s chipping, that’s fine. Um, I’m gonna go and put the camera down into different angle.

We’re gonna get some shots of the green rope here first, and then we’re gonna switch on to the white one. Alright, guys. So that’s a green wrote busy Can t. We’re gonna go ahead and switch on over to the white rope, which is the heavier rope, and let’s go ahead and get that clipped on. Okay, so that was both of their ropes. Go ahead and common down below which rope you think is nicer.

Is it worth $100 Bucks?

The crossrope is high quality, I can tell by comparing the material with some of the cheap jump ropes. A lot of the cheaper jump ropes get all tangled but this one doesn’t. Also it’s easy to clip off and on between other jump ropes onto the handles.

Even though the paint starts chipping off when used on cement, the material looks and feels durable. I would recommend you buy a mat if you’re going to jump on concrete so that the rope doesn’t hit the concrete directly and gets a longer life.

I would say, if you’re going to use it regularly yes, by all means, go for the investment. If you’re just going to use it here and there you’re probably better off spending it on something else.

The price you are paying for the crossrope jump rope is definitely worth it. Jump up every day, but many of you guys don’t know. I’ve been boxing for, like two months now, and I’m just trying to get in shape and jump. Roping has done a lot when you’re training for boxing, so it makes me feel more agile and quicker when I’m jump roping. So it’s really important to jump rope, especially because it burns more collars and running. If you do it intensely and intervals.

And if you do it for, like 30 minutes a day, I know that I’ve been jumping, like, 30 minutes a day. Well, usually, like five times a week right now, I’m gonna go ahead and edit this video today was supposed to me Oh, my day off. But just don’t groping for like, 10 minutes doesn’t hurt. I started with £185 when I started exercising right now about 1 68 around there, and I’m losing weight. But I am also gaining muscle cause I noticed that I’m lasting, um, with weights.

When I’m exercising with weights. Do that. Cars one so vast. But when I’m exercising with weights, I noticed that I last longer. This thing burns like here, arrest right here in your arm and whatever commended if you’re gonna work out and use this every day and yet settling worth it if you’re not going to jump up, out and then no, don’t get it. Just get the cheaper one. I will throw some videos of me training after this, but if you guys did enjoy this video, I’m going to slap , like, right and calming down below. But here, the training videos, hard reports

You can get this jump rope here, it has a lot of good reviews.

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