Hollow Knight: Silksong – Greymoor, Healing and Other Details Revealed

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Hollow Knight Silksong

Despite appearing at E3 2019, Team Cherry didn’t offer a release date for Hollow Knight: Silksong, its DLC-turned-full-sequel to the breakout Metroidvania hit. However, in a recent Kickstarter post, it did offer a bunch of new information on an area in the game along with some of the mechanics. First up is Greymoor, a series of caverns that are home to Crawbugs.

Described as one of the biggest areas ever created, Greymoor houses new allies and a new foe along with numerous mysteries. We also learned how healing will work. Unlike the previous game’s protagonist, Hornet is capable of using silk to instantly heal herself. There are some trade-offs though – the act of binding will consume an entire spool of silk and if you’re hit, the silk is lost.

Hornet also has an interesting defeat mechanic. She’ll leave a cocoon upon defeat which can be broken for a restock of silk. So in the midst of a boss fight, you could use this to gain the advantage. Also unlike the first game’s hero, Hornet can speak and has a decent amount of dialogue to share.

Hollow Knight: Silksong is currently in development for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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