Code Vein Spas, Blood Code and Ability-Like Gifts Detailed

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Bandai Namco’s Code Vein may have an anime aesthetic like its God Eater series. However, it keeps close to the Souls-like formula while introducing its own mechanics like AI companions and special moves. Today, the developer released details on the Spa.

While it may appear as little more than a hot spring to recover one’s health, the Spa serves another function. After dying, you’ll drop Haze (which seems akin to Souls). If you don’t want to risk going back to retrieve it, stop by the Spa and relax – half of the Haze will return to you. The Spa also serves as a way to check through memories and look different terminology.

Another interesting bit is the Blood Code “Prometheus”. Receive from Louis, its Gifts will improve dodging and parrying. We also learned about two different Gifts. Phantom Assault is performed with one-handed blades, halberd and bayonets. It allows for vanishing and hitting a jumping slash on foes. Then there’s Fire Storm which unleashes flames that can stagger foes.

Code Vein is out on September 27th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. A free demo will also be going live for consoles on September 3rd so stay tuned.

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