A love for the strangest, most wonderful bird brought an arcade classic to life for me

Written by Jsquad Editor

I have a bit of a thing about ostriches at the moment. I am hooked. I’ve been watching ostrich videos. I’ve been Googling ostrich facts. Do you know that an ostrich’s brain is smaller than one of its eyeballs? Do you know that its eyeballs are so good that an ostrich can see something two miles away? Do you know that it can gut a lion with one kick from its two-toed legs? Do you know that it can run at 40 miles an hour for the best part of 50 minutes if it absolutely has to?

Consider the head of the ostrich. What is not to love? The ostrich head looks like somebody’s hand in a sock puppet. The hair is a bed-splayed fuzz. The eyes are large and wet. The set of the mouth is grim and resolved – it seems to say that life is hard but what can you do?

And life is quite hard for an ostrich I think. Being so visible is probably a bit of a drag out there in the wild. And then there is everything mankind brings with it. I’m not just talking about ostrich sausages and the destruction of habitats. I’m talking about the Google autocomplete that takes “can you actually ride…” and is not averse to adding “…an ostrich?” to the end of it. (You probably can, incidentally, but you certainly shouldn’t.)

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